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Pilates Rhode Island

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The Pilates Method

Imagine an exercise program that keeps you always wanting more, always looking forward to the next workout. Imagine a workout that leaves you refreshed and alert with a sense of accomplishment, and a feeling of physical and mental well being. The Authentic Pilates Method™ of body conditioning does all this... and more.

Joseph H. Pilates, the legendary physical trainer, developed the Pilates Method™ in the 1920's as an exercise system that creates flexibility and strength for the entire body. He believed that physical and mental health were completely dependant upon one and other.

The Authentic Pilates Method™ is not just exercise; It is a series of very precise, controlled movements that fully engage the body and mind. These movements are performed on exercise apparatus which was designed to support and guide the body through its ultimate transformation. Programs are tapered uniquely to each individual and their needs through the watchful and experienced eye of a superiorly qualified Authentic Pilates™ instructor.